Yoga and Tantra Studies
Helping you learn the wisdom and proven methods from both yogic and tantric sources, of Eastern as well as Western origins, age-old and avant-garde.
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Everything you wanted to know about yoga 
— from postures to enlightenment

A few minutes of yoga can do more for you than hours of ordinary exercise.Yoga: the world’s oldest and most respected science of regaining and maintaining youth, health, and vigor.Combat anxiety, tension, and fatigue with yoga and pave a new way to health, vigor, and longevity.Regain youthful flexibility, strengthen and recondition your entire body.Start your day with yoga — and never feel old or tired again!Regain flexibility, vitality, optimism, and health without stress and strain.Stretch your way to flexibility, vitality, health, and strength without exertion.Stimulate all body systems faster and easier than you ever thought possible.Discover the unique energy and spirit of yoga as taught by Yogendra and Parvati.The age-old, proven yoga to purify, strengthen and re-form the body.
Penetrating essays, profound treatises, lucid commentaries,
and thorough how-tos on Yoga and Tantra systems and techniques,
both ancient and avant-garde. Read Now >
Browse through eternal, universal principles, that is,
truths that are always true, everywhere, for everybody 
— regardless of the time, regardless of the circumstances,
and regardless of who you are. Read Now >
The venerable wise men came up with
certain principles that apply to everyone,
always, everywhere.
See what they’ve got to say about it.
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Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga, Kundalini…
you name it.
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Free yourself from past pain and
release your full energy and ability.
Achieve victory over the mind
and the body.
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